Narrogin Gliding Club

Welcome to the Narrogin Gliding Club, a premier destination for soaring enthusiasts in the picturesque South West region of Western Australia. Nestled in the heart of the Wheatbelt amidst rolling farmland, this club boasts a rich history, a prime location, well-developed infrastructure, and a stellar glider fleet. If you're seeking an exhilarating yet safe gliding experience, Narrogin Gliding Club is the place to be!

Conveniently situated at Narrogin airfield, just 9km west of Narrogin town on Clayton Road, this facility is easily accessible for a day-trip drive from Perth, Bunbury, or Albany via major highways and well-maintained bitumen roads. Located approximately 150km inland, Narrogin enjoys a unique advantage of being generally unaffected by sea breezes during gliding hours. The region's reliable thermals and varied yet safe soaring environment make it an ideal destination for aviation enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the night sky as Narrogin is known for its cool nights, offering a stunning view of the Milky Way. Picture standing on runway 28 after a scorching 40-degree day, gazing at the cold beauty of the star-studded sky with the glow of Narrogin town on the eastern horizon – an experience unparalleled in the bustling city.

As a club, Narrogin Gliding Club prioritizes affordability without compromising on excellence. Operating every weekend and public holiday, the club extends its operations during special events, including training courses and flying events throughout the soaring season. Stay updated on the exciting activities through the Events Calendar and the latest news on the Narrogin Gliding Club website or Facebook page.

For those eager to take to the skies, flight training is available daily, with popular one-week courses held at Easter and October. The club actively supports air experience flights, ensuring visitors have an unforgettable time in the air.

Whether you're a seasoned glider pilot or a first-time visitor, Narrogin Gliding Club extends a warm welcome. Escape for a weekend break and experience some of the best flat lands gliding in the country. Explore, give them a call, or drop in – Narrogin Gliding Club invites you to share the joy of gliding!

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