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Kaya! My name is Ross Storey and I am a local Wilman Noongar and a traditional custodian of the Narrogin area. I was raised by my grandparents ever since I was a baby. I grew up on a farm, although most of my time was spent out in the bush with my elders learning about land and culture.

Narrogin is situated in the heart of the Wheatbelt on the land of the Northern Wiilman Noongar People. It is a regional centre and an easy drive of just over two hours from Perth. It’s a perfect destination for day trippers or for a stop over for a few days with a range of enticing attractions. Discover some spots to explore while in town…Dryandra Woodland National Park is one of them.

To fully immerse yourself in Noongar traditions, the tour offers hands-on experiences like spear and boomerang-throwing. You will discover the artistry and finesse required to wield these ancient tools, gaining a newfound respect for the ancestral skills passed down through generations.

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red ochre webs photo brochure