Narrogin Centenary Pathway

Narrogin Centenary Pathway is located in Gnarojin Park, east from the brook. Discover Narrogin history and Noongar cultural informant on 100 black granite plaques. A century of local history from 1892.

Artist Bernd Kaiser worked with the local community on the project. Many of the designs were drawn by children from the four Narrogin schools, with each school taking a period of 25 years to research: - East Narrogin Primary School (1892-1916) St Matthew's Primary School (1917-1941) Narrogin Senior High School (1942-1966) Narrogin Primary School (1967-1991).

Other designs were drawn by local artists, and the tiles depicting Aboriginal events were done by Aboriginal students at TAFE art and design classes. Local artists from Narrogin Ats Group and Narrogin TAFE then transferred the drawings to the stones ready for sandblasting.

Each tile depicts one or more events in the 100 years since 1892 when Narrogin was declared an independent Local Government area. Many of the tiles portray important historical events, whilst others are about the small happenings that add particular interest to our everyday lives. Altogether, the tiles give a fascinating overview of life in Narrogin during the past 100 years.

As a final touch, colour was added where appropriate to enhance the designs. Start at the Birth Stone just south of Newton House BBQ and take a walk along the Centenary Pathway. You will discover an intriguing collection of stories about Narrogin's first century through the creative imagination of its people.
Narrogin Centenary Pathway Brochure

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