Foxes Lair

Nestled on the outskirts of Narrogin town, Foxes Lair spans 68 hectares, offering a tranquil bush reserve experience. Accessible via the entry road opposite Narrogin Caravan Park, three picnic areas serve as gateways to five walking trails and an interlinking cycle trail to explore the reserve. Exercise caution as the tracks are unsealed and overlap at times. Leashed dogs are welcome, and a shared harmony between cyclists and pedestrians is encouraged.

Curiosity often arises about the reserve's name, which surprisingly has no connection to the introduced pest, the fox. Instead, it commemorates a joyous celebration held during a 1946 APEX convention. Over the years, Foxes Lair has witnessed fluctuations in fortune, finding renewed vigour in 1999 with the establishment of the Friends of Foxes Lair group. This dedicated group crafted the initial management plan, undertook rubbish clearance, restored degraded areas, and created picturesque walk trails and picnic spots.

Situated between the Darling Range and Wheatbelt, Foxes Lair showcases diverse landscapes, flora, and avian life from both regions. Boasting over 240 flowering plant species (refer to the Wildflower Page), the reserve comes alive with blooms between August and early October, offering a continuous display for keen observers.

Uncover a fascinating fact: plants play a pivotal role in soil creation and are responsible for our bauxite deposits. Learn about the layer-cake of soils in Foxes Lair here.

Foxes Lair invites you to explore the intertwined beauty of nature and history as you wander through the arboretum and remnants of the rifle range and early worker cottages.