Yilliminning Rock

Yilliminning Rock, situated just 17 kilometers from Narrogin (travel east on Herald Street towards Harrismith), stands as a renowned haven for orchid enthusiasts. This natural gem offers not only a breathtaking spectacle but also an invigorating short hike up its 48-meter elevation, providing panoramic views of the farmlands below. The area is adorned with seasonal wildflowers, creating a vibrant backdrop for numerous lizard and wildlife sightings.

For those seeking a self-guided adventure, an enticing drive trail encompasses the old Yilliminning town-site and Marramucking Well. Embrace the tranquility of the bushlands and scenic landscapes at the beautiful picnic area, complete with complimentary gas barbecue facilities.

Notably, Yilliminning Rock is home to the George Brockway Tree, a majestic salmon gum named in honor of Western Australia's renowned forester, George Brockway. Regrettably dubbed "the forgotten conservationist," Brockway's substantial yet often overlooked contributions to the preservation of WA woodlands and the promotion of native trees are commemorated at this site.

For more information about George Brockway Tree see the brochure below.

 The George Brockway Tree Brochure

“George Brockway. The forgotten conservationist” Book is available to buy at the Narrogin & Dryandra Visitor Centre or read the extract from Landscope magazine.

Interesting Fact: Yilliminning rock is Narrogin Astrophotography Hot Spot. If you get the angle right, the tree makes a unique subject for an image at night showing the dazzling stars through the high canopy. From Yilliminning Rock there are sweeping views all around.

astrotourism img 3874 stars 00 through the canopy of the george brockway tree yilliminning near narrogin origthingstodo astrotourism