Narrogin Regional Herbarium

Exciting news! The Narrogin Regional Herbarium, filled with fascinating plant specimens, is now open to the public at the Narrogin & Dryandra Visitors Centre. Housed in the beautifully refurbished Railway Station, this botanical gem offers an educational and captivating experience for visitors of all ages.

Formerly part of the DBCA, the herbarium is now a generous gift to the Shire of Narrogin, thanks to them. Come explore a dedicated section showcasing Foxes Lair and its native wildflowers in bloom. The display changes with the seasons, providing a dynamic look at the region's botanical diversity.

The entire Herbarium Collection is accessible upon request, offering a unique opportunity to delve into Narrogin's rich botanical heritage. Join us at the Narrogin & Dryandra Visitors Centre to witness the wonders of Narrogin's botanical world. The Herbarium is a beacon of knowledge and a tribute to those who made it possible. Come, be part of this botanical journey!