Dryandra Woodland National Park

Welcome to Dryandra Woodland National Park, a premier conservation area and a true gem in the heart of the Wheatbelt. Just a convenient 2.5-hour drive from Perth, Dryandra not only serves as a haven for unique native species, including the endangered numbats, but also offers exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities, especially for those who enjoy bushwalking.

Covering nearly 18,000 hectares, the Dryandra Woodland National Park, located near Narrogin, was once a State Forest. Now, as a national park, it features two class A nature reserves dedicated to safeguarding the diverse native wildlife residing in one of the last remnants of original woodland in the western Wheatbelt. Among these inhabitants are some of Australia's most vulnerable species, such as numbats, woylies, brushtail wallabies, chuditch, quenda, and malleefowl.

This woodland stands as the largest remnant of native vegetation in the western Wheatbelt, making it a vital and diverse conservation area. Well-marked walking trails guide you through magnificent open eucalypt woodland, showcasing impressive tall white-barked wandoo and paperbark trees.

For those who prefer a scenic drive, the 23km self-drive Darwinia Drive Trail takes you deep into the heart of the woodland. Stop at each of the five bays along the trail to learn more about this unique area.

Inside the national park, you'll find a predator-proof animal sanctuary, providing the public with a rare opportunity to observe protected wildlife in their nocturnal environment. Ever wondered what goes on in the dark? Book (in advance) a nocturnal guided tour at Dryandra's Barna Mia animal sanctuary and find out! (Bookings essential). Explore, discover, and connect with nature at Dryandra – where every visit is a journey into the heart of Western Australia's natural wonders.

With all this wildlife to see you may want to stay a while. Congelin and Gnaala Mia Campground have camp sites suitable for tents, camper trailers and caravans or you can stay at the Lions Dryandra Woodland Village.