Cycling Trails


Narrogin's mountain bike trail forms part of a self-drive Kooloot Biddi bicycle network located in the southern Wheatbelt region: Munda Biddi - Brookton to Albany Highway / Railway Dam MTB Trail – Narrogin (add adjacent Foxes Lair Reserve) / Yornaning Dam MTB Trail – Cuballing / Dryandra Woodland gravel roads.

Visitors can take advantage of short stays for caravans and excellent on-site picnic facilities in Narrogin.


Railway Dam MTB Trails

Griffo Circuit


The Shire of Narrogin's mountain bike trail network includes three single-direction loops, with the main track being Griffo. An easy blue rated 5.4 km single direction loop making it ideal for riders looking to improve their fitness or physical conditioning. The trail contains rocky rise & falls that repeatedly cross the crown of the hill, and is located within the Shire of Narrogin reserve.

Novice Loop


The Railway Dam Novice Loop uses parts of existing tracks and considered suitable for less experienced riders. It is perfect for those who want to exercise safely outdoors and get a taste of the sport's adrenaline rush. The trail starts with relatively flat terrain, making it an easy start for beginners. However, don't let the flat terrain fool you, as the trail includes a total of 79m of climbing, the various descents total 79m, making it an exciting and challenging ride. The downhill descent can be a thrilling part of the trail, giving you an opportunity to pick up speed and enjoy the adrenaline rush of mountain biking, or you can choose to roll through at walking pace. 

1K Loop


1K Loop has a green rating, offers a rolling, flowy ride with many easy technical MTB features, tight hair bends, that suit riders looking for an easy chilled flat ride. Riders may find 1K Loop by following the signage ‘to Griffo’ from the MTB trailhead off Railway Dam carpark on Mokine Rd. 1K Loop starts from the same start point as Griffo Leg 7 starts.

Havoc Loop


Havoc is a short downhill, circular black rated track, part of the Railway Dam MTB Trail. Havoc start and end is located midway on Griffo uphill Leg 6.

Includes steep rise, mild rock garden, platform, step-down, usual berms and up down rock roll-over.


Foxes lair Cycle Trail


Foxes Lair reserve across the road opposite Griffo's starting point, offers an additional 5.5km of shared tracks consisting of quiet service roads and single-direction trails. The cycle network  starting at each of the Marri, Claypit, and Arboretum picnic spots. Each picnic spot is a start point for a one-way cycle loop. There are also dual direction connecting trails, which enable cyclists to ride between picnic areas. The trails are for cyclists to ride slowly and enjoy the reseve. Trail sections are often shared with walkers, who have right of way. The arboretum trail section has a gentle slope, which is suitable for learner cyclists. Trails are unsealed so off-road tyres are recommended.



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